martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Final Project

In my opinion this course was very interesting because it was different, the classes were in the computer lab and we used the internet to search the meaning of some words (to do that used
Unit 1 Journalism
In this unit we wrote a paragraph and we studing the three paragraph (Topic Sentences, Main Idea, Controlling Idea). My paragraph is.
  • The first labor day holiday was celebrate on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York city, in accordance with the plans of the central labor union. The central labor union held it`s second labor day holiday just a year later, on september 5,1883

In 1884 the first monday in September was selected as the holiday, In New York a workingmens holiday on that day. And in 1885 labor day was celebrate in many industrial center of the country.

Please tell me your opinion.

Unit 2 Advertising.

In this unit we talk about T.V. Comercials and we gave an opinon about a Korean Video by Kiss.

The new advertising of "Banco Venezuela" this a great comercial in saw on tv its about a new credit card wich is really secure. its shows a customer who will buy something and many agents get into the place to make sure that the trasaction y secure.

my opinion about video is:

The video is really sad. Because is a beautiful love story.The boy takes more pictures to the girl, and they fall in love. Butlike all the loves story always have a sad part the girl has anaccident and she don't see any more, and the b and they fall in love.But like all the loves story always have a sad part the girl has Boyprefer to died and to give your eyes to the girl. She is your reallylove.

tell me your opinon.

Unit 3 Finding a Job

In this unit we wrote a cover letter a resume and we searhc a job in Monster. com.

My job is.

AnaVilchez, La rotaria
Phone 04149638962

Seeking a position an accounting position offering the opportunity to utilize my professional financial expertise, extensive business experience, and ability to interact with business community.


1. Excellent interpersonal and negotiating skills; adept at defusing potential problems.
2. Proven oral and written communication abilities
3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
4. Highly trustworthy, discreet and ethical
5. years professional experience


March 2000-2001 farmatodo c.a
Accounting Assistant
1. Matched invoices, expense reports, purchase orders and packing slips with checks for Controllers signature.
2. Prepared annual company accounts and reports.
3. Performed general office duties and administrative tasks.
4. Prepared weekly confidential sales reports for presentation to management

2003-2004 fabo C.AAccounting Assistant
1. Prepared weekly confidential sales reports for presentation to management.
3. Managed the internal and external mail functions.
4. Provided telephone support.
5. Scheduled client appointments and maintained up-to-date confidential client files.

Major Accounting
Universidad Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express.

Cover Letter

Ana Karina Vilchez
Av. 91 la rotaria #108-109
Phone: 0414-963-89-62
Maracaibo-estado Zulia

Kelly service
Columbia, TN 38401
Referente code: AA-305

Kelly services:

I understand from your listing on Kelly services you are looking for a student in public accountant without experience. I have any skills do you need. I Knowledge of Microsoft Office Products, especially Excel, Outlook, and word. I’m good at proven oral and written communication, highly trustworthy, discreet and ethical.

Would you like to meet to talk over this job? I'd enjoy speaking with you in person. I will be in convenient location. Please call me on my cell-phone 04149638962 to set up an interview at your convenience. Thank you for considering me.

Ana Karina Vilchez.

please tell me your opinion about this

Unit 4. Pros and Cons

In this we wrote a paragraph and we take the advantages and disadvantages of this. My paragraph is:


The internet have many advantages and disadvantages. one advantage is you can find any interesting information about something you are looking for, you can searh in pages like google or wikipedia, another advantage is comunication has been inproved since the net is used.And you also can sell and buy thing trough sites like mercardo libre, amazon or e-bay. One disadvantage is that son sometimes you get to pay a lot of money to find some information you can see another disadvantage when the internet fail cause comunication fail too it is produced cause it depends too much of internet. sometimes you can be sheated while youre shooping on internet.

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Unit 5. Outlading.

In this unit we wrote a personal poem. My poem is.

Ana ...

tall, intelligent, nice, thin

friend of Simon

who loves music, movies and dance

who is afraid of president Chavez, spiders and dogs

who wants to see Ricardo Arjona, Paris and the end of poverty

resident of this moment in Maracibo

... Vilchez

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